Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Handmade Market

Today I made my way downtown to attend the Handmade Market semiannual event. Just as the website explains, it "features a juried selection of the best and brightest artists, independent designers, and crafters from NC and beyond." There was no fee to attend, but you could purchase a raffle ticket to win a glorious goodie bag filled with handmade items. All the proceeds go to sponsoring SAFEchild, an organization that works with families to prevent child abuse. Art and a good cause? You know I had to go.

The Handmade Market

The vendors that attended the event were amazing. There were so many skilled artisans there, and many were willing to tell you about their work without pushing their products on you. There was an array of goods from handbags to jewelry to clothing to desserts. I wish I could have taken everything home with me, but, alas, I could not. However, I did score some awesome goodies for myself. (I even picked up some treats for Buddy and Bailey.)

My Score of Goodies

There is something that can be said about handmade goods - they are just so special because you know you getting something that is one of a kind. And as much as I love to buy these items, I am just as inspired to make them as well. I think that is a part of our culture that is slowing starting to make a comeback. As we begin to realize the effects consumerism has on the environment and on our way of life, it feels good to get back to a time when making something from scratch was a good thing. And besides, it just feels darn good.

Not sure you have what it takes to participate in the handmade revolution? Then check out Etsy and support local artists in your area by purchasing handmade goods as gifts for others to enjoy. Want to try some DIY projects? I recommend starting with Jeffrey Yamaguchi's book, 52 Projects. Not only does it have assignments to spark the inner artist in you, but the listing of DIY projects range from the literary to the artistic to the culinary.

In Search of Art

Happy creating!

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