Sunday, August 16, 2009

Precious Life

Today Jason and I moseyed on down to Coats to visit our dear friends, the Hills. It was no ordinary occasion. We were visiting to celebrate the second birthday of their darling daughter, Zora. And as god mother to their child, it was not only my honor to attend, but it was my duty.

A Happy Family

The Happy Family

Two years ago, Zora was born three months premature. Despite a rough start, she has overcome so many obstacles and has grown into a humorous, happy young lady. The growth she has shown both physically and developmentally in her two years of life astounds me. She reminds me that miracles do exist and are worth celebrating.

Happy Birthday, Angela!

Zora a few days old

Now She's Addicted

Zora's 1st Birthday

I'm a Big Girl Now

Zora's 2nd Birthday

As my sweet pea continues to grow, I hope to help nurture her creativity and wonder. As an investment in her creative development, Jason and I gave her an art easel from IKEA. You can never start too soon, right?

Start Her Young

For me?

Zora, I hope you had a wonderful birthday party, and I hope you have a really wonderful birthday on Wednesday! Love, Auntie Diana.

Happy Birthday, Zora!

"A baby is sunshine and moonbeams and more,
brightening your world as never before."

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