Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scherenschnitte Under the Sea

There once lived a mermaid trapped in the mind of an artist.  All she wanted was to swim in a beautiful sea.

The artist heard the mermaid's lament and decided to set her free.

The artist drew the mermaid on some pretty paper and cut her loose.

Making My Own ScherenschnitteCutting Out My Design

The artist also gave her a sister so that the mermaid would not be lonely in her new world.


The artist covered the sister mermaids in glue so that they could be safe and secure in their new ocean home.

Mod Podge Explosion

But the glue proved to be a bit unforgiving... Oopsie.

Aw Crap!

The mermaids forgave the artist.  Afterall, she was setting them free into a beautiful underwater home.  Their only request was to be made pink (their favorite color).  All was forgiven and they lived happily ever after.

Quick Fix

“A mermaid found a swimming lad, 
Picked him for her own, 
Pressed her body to his body, 
Laughed; and plunging down 
Forgot in cruel happiness 
That even lovers drown.” 
-William Butler Yeats


  1. You've seen Splash one too many times.

  2. I just sprayed Coke out my nose!!!



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