Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Artist's Soul

I am at home sick today with a little bit of a fever, a little bit of a cough, and an uncontrollable production of mucus. What does a sick girl do besides lay on the couch, takes naps, and drink cocktails of Nyquil and orange juice? Why, she creates!

To pass the time and feel like I'm doing something productive, I began flipping through my most recent issue of Glamour and selected ads that looked interesting to draw. I often do this as practice for drawing the human form to work on proportion and perspective. After a bowl of chicken soup and a glass of orange juice, I created the following drawings from the ads I selected:

What Does a Sick Girl Do?  Create.

All three ads from Glamour

Kate Spade Inspired

A Kate Spade ad for fall

Many Ways to Wear Black and White Inspired

An article exploring the many ways to wear black and white

Good Man News Inspired

A survey reporting statistics about men and contraception

I like to use ads from magazines to practice my illustration. Not only are they helpful for finding subject matter, but they also expose me to elements of design. For instance, what is it exactly that is catching my eye and how are those details translated to illustration? I think for each of these ads, there is something to be said about being a woman, and I tried to translate that in a way that was fun, colorful, and quirky -- just the perspective I need to get me out of my sickly slump. Enjoy!

Autumn Show Your Pretty Face...

Autumn show your pretty face, and I shall show you mine, too.

Don't Ever...

Never lose your imagination.

Be a Girl...

Be the girl with many hats who wears each of them well.

"Drawing is putting a line 'round an idea."
- Henri Matisse

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