Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dreamers Don't Sleep

Yesterday, my friend's group art show, Dreamers Don't Sleep, Volume 1, opened for the first time in Charlotte at Espada Bicycles.  I wasn't able to attend, but I know for my friend, it was an important night, and not for the reason you may think.  You see, my friend, Carlleena, who has been working non-stop in her studio (a.k.a. the color lab) to prepare for the event, was in a serious car accident this week.  Though her car was totalled, she survived.  Battered and bruised, she was determined to make it to her show on Friday... and she did.  I think Carlleena described it best on her fanpage on Facebook:
So many people said, "Wow! I'm surprised you are here tonight?" or "Why are you here?" Lol. I say when you are in a situation such as I was a few days ago where the opportunity might not have been the same...pain is a reward for making it out alive. I knew that my artwork, the guys' artwork deserved me being there. When I say art is my life, it is!! It saved me when I was younger, and it saves me everyday. I teared up a bit tonight but know they were tears of joy and gratefulness because I still breath air in this realm and still have the opportunity to make dreams a reality. All this resting definitely has me thinking, reflecting, regrouping mentally. I am not one to make excuses or complain because I witness everyday so many who are and will be worse off than I, in more pain than I. I will continue...I have the opportunity to continue only becoming stronger, even more humbled and determined. Everyday is truly a gift and that will always be how i embrace the world. Many thanks to everyone who allows me to share and chooses to invest. You will be glad you did a few years from now. Until next time...I am enjoying my rest ;)
 Her passion for art and for life inspire me.  Just her outlook on life became the inspiration for my painting I created for her back in 2010.  In exchange, she gave me this beautiful piece, entitled Butterfly Wishes.

My @savnac original

My @savnac original

Butterfly wishes by @savnac

When I look at this painting, it makes me think of how Carlleena rose above the chaos in her life.  To make an appearance at her show on Friday night after something so traumatic -- it's inspiring.  Above all, I could feel her gratefulness for being alive.  Her attitude is beautiful, much like my treasured painting, a Carlleena original.

@savnac butterfly

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."
-Author Unknown

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