Saturday, January 23, 2010

Words to Live By: Week 32

My friend Jeanine is surviving and thriving after breast cancer.

Despite a little bout of insomnia, Jeanine is doing well this week.  In fact, she has been keeping me busy with a special commissioned piece of art for a friend of hers.  The piece will double as a design for a baby shower invitation.  (More on that later...)

In all the ways we are supporting her, Jeanine also supports so many around her.  Here's an excerpt from a email she sent me last week after checking out the new website:
I usually do not peek at my Words to Live By's b/c I like to be surprised when you give them to me.... but I peeked because I went to your blog through this site. LOVE the one for this week. Your words that you write on your blog make me feel so good. The funny thing is that it has been the positive people around me- like you- that have made me realize how lucky I am to have such great people in my life. Who else would sit in isolation with me for hours on end??? You are a remarkable woman and you do a great job embracing inochi. Love ya and good luck with the site.
Thanks for all the faith and support, Jeanine.  It's immeasurable like your zest for life.

Week 32
Week 32

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