Saturday, July 7, 2012

Five Words Musing - June

I'm late in posting this... Really late.  In fact, I was late in submitting my contribution to the June publication of Five Words Musing... But it's there now, ready for your reading pleasure.

June started off by saying goodbye to my friend's mother, Cree.  With no warning or reason, on May 31st, she passed away in her sleep.  The news was unreal.  She was an extraordinary lady who welcomed me into her home any time I came to visit and treated me like I was one of her own kids.  She had the biggest heart and loved dotting on my little Izzy as if she were her own granddaughter.  She spent her time volunteering for her church and helping her community.  As a piano teacher, she taught endless children the joys of music.  She was a devoted mother and wife and a good friend to those who were lucky to have known her.  So when someone like that suddenly disappears from your life, shock is the only word that comes to mind.

After Cree's funeral service, I had some things to distract me from my June Musing assignment - a week long vacation in Corolla, a painting commission for a friend, and planning my daughter's first birthday party.  Life just continued on -- but the image of what I wanted to convey in Cree's memory continued to linger.  As July peaked its head around the corner, I knew I couldn't put off saying goodbye in my own way for too long.

So for the past week, I have been slowly bringing the image in my head out onto paper.  This was the result:

June Musing

I was inspired by the stained glass window at Cree's church during her service --I found myself getting lost in it as the tears came just thinking about her.  I wanted to capture its colors and beauty and incorporate transferred images of Cree and her infamous roses in this June tribute to her.  I also wanted to remember her as the mother she was and will always be to my friend, Shannon.

We miss you Mama Cree...

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  1. Thank you, thank you. I'll treasure it and your words forever.



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