Monday, April 26, 2010

All A-buzz

I had the pleasure of doing some commissioned work for my friend, Angela.  She wanted to give a special gift to a retiring principal in her circle of educators.  She knew she wanted to give the principal something unique and special.  After going through some ideas, Angela settled on having me design some special coasters and a t-shirt with a bee theme.

At the principal's school, she taught three main ideals to her students -- Be kind, be responsible, and be respectful.  She was like a queen bee, in charge and responsible for the success of her hive.

Queen Bee T-shirt

In making the coasters, I decided to add some of my own mantras for her to enjoy -- Be happy, be fabulous, and be retired.  She deserves it after all.

Bee Coasters

"To a bee, honey is work
To us, it is leisure, luxury, pleasure.
If only the eating thereof
would fill us with the spirit of hard work."
-Corri Alius

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