Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Art for Charity

I'm a big believer in giving.  The mere act of giving can help one recognize their own humanity and can make someone else's world a little brighter.  Giving, if done for unselfish reasons, is a liberating and freeing thing to do.

I recently decided to give of myself the best way I know how - through my art.  My best friend, Angela, is an assistant principal at a junior high school, asked if I would be willing to offer my artistic services to her school this month for Relay for Life.  Originally, she asked if I could do caricatures at the event to help raise money, and, although I enjoy drawing people, caricatures make me nervous.  I proposed, instead, to donate eight paintings to be auctioned off at the event.

Art for Charity

The paintings have been keeping me busy for the past couple of weeks.  I began by painting several canvases, each with a different color and background.  I then began drawing a unique illustration for each canvas, sometimes drawing girls and sometimes drawing imaginary creatures.  I then colored the drawings with watercolor pencils, carefully cut out each illustration, and Mod Podged each drawing to a canvas.  Each painting was created using a 12x12 canvas and features a handwritten quote.  I hope people find them interesting and worth taking home.

Busy BeeRed RobinPink Gamel

If you are interested in any of the paintings below, they will be available for purchase at the Relay for Life event at Triton High School in Erwin, NC, on April 23rd.

Hillside Cartwheel

Underwater Conquest

Taking Flight

Yearning for Spring

Breaking the Mold

Gamel and Bird

Blowing Bubbles

Clever Bee



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