Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Pierre Rocks!

When I first began this journey of pursuing my creative and artistic dream, I looked for role models to inspire me.  Surely, there was someone out there who understood.  I searched for others who we going through the same struggles and challenges that I was going through.  Through the gift of chance, I discovered Summer Pierre.  An artist, a writer, and a singer/song writer, this amazing lady pursued her artistic dream and did so with a day job.

Back in November 2007, Summer created her own 'zine called "The Artist in the Office: Living the Dream with a Day Job."  It was her manifesto that challenged the notion that in order to be a true artist, one had to be a purist, pursuing only art full time.  Her 'zine featured words of encouragement and had endless examples of well-known artists who pursued their creative dreams with a day job.  That 'zine was a source of inspiration for me.  It made me believe that, yes, I, too, can be an artist and not feel guilty that I have to have a job to pay the bills.

The Artist in the Office

My Inspiration

So you can imagine my happiness when I saw this video post from Summer's blog last year.

Announcement from Summer Pierre on Vimeo.

A year later, her book entitled "The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week" was released in February 2010.  I promptly picked up a copy... and LOVED it.  I have even convinced people who aren't pursuing an artistic dream to read this book as I find its message can apply to anyone.  Here's a woman who not only believed in what she preached but made her dreams come true.

The Artist in the Office

She's Published!

Summer Pierre is my hero.

Summer Pierre is My Hero
"You're going to be fine.
Your timing is perfect.
And yes, we are all so proud of you."
-Summer Pierre

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