Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craft Social and Cupcake Stands

Every once in a while, I get together with my friends and participate in a craft social.  I began organizing them as a way to facilitate and allot some creative time in my life.  And what's more fun than socializing with friends over food, drinks, and crafts?  Sometimes when we get together we have a specific project in mind; sometimes we just end up hauling our craft scraps over to a friend's house to see what we can make.  Either way, we have a good time and have goodies to show off when it's all said and done.

This past weekend, we got together at my friend Cree's house (Shannon's mom) to make tiered cupcake stands.  We got the original idea from the blog, Giver's Log, but ended up having to change some of the necessary materials in order to put the whole thing together.  (We just couldn't find the proper candle stick holders anywhere!)

We got off to a good start, drilling holes in each decorative plastic plate we had purchased for the project.  The drill bit got pretty hot during this process... I think I even saw it smoking a little.  Yikes!

Making a Cupcake Stand

But as we came to the step of assembling the stands, we realized that the threads we purchased were too long.  Boo.

Making a Cupcake Stand 5

Shannon, Cree, and Beth try to assemble the pieces.

Making a Cupcake Stand 6

Back to the drawing board...

Luckily, Cree's husband, Robert, was able to use his hack saw to shorten it.  Once we found the right length, Beth, Alfonso, and Jason shortened the rest with a little team work.

Making a Cupcake Stand 2

Beth takes a stab at the hacksaw.

Making a Cupcake Stand 3

Alf gives Beth a hand... or should I say foot?

Making a Cupcake Stand 4

Jason is the missing piece.  Success!

Although we were happy with the results, the project was one of the more labor intensive projects I have ever done.  Now I just need a good cupcake recipe so I can test out my finished product... Mmm... Any suggestions?

Cree's StandShannon's StandBeth's StandMy StandMy Stand 2My Stand 3Shannon's Stand 2


"Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first."
- Ernestine Ulmer


  1. The cupcake stands are AWESOME! Love them!

  2. Words fail me. I'll leave it at Wow!!! (And I always wondered if Jason was a missing link. Now we have the answer.)

    BTW, when I worked at Greensboro College, I would occasionally announce a given Friday as Dessert for Lunch Day. You wouldn't believe the number of people who would show up for that, especially since they knew that dessert usually meant ice cream.

  3. Let's institute that day at work! I vote for fried ice cream.

  4. These are amazing. A cool craft project!



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