Sunday, June 27, 2010

Words to Live By: Weeks 53 and 54

My friend Jeanine is surviving and thriving after breast cancer.

June 15th was Jeanine's one year anniversary.  Last year on that day she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was dealing with the reality of that truth.  And since that day, she has been on special journey, a journey that has had tested her and those who love her.  She is in a very different place now than she was that day.  The world looks a little different and she has hope for the future.

Week 53

Week 53

The week after her anniversary, Jeanine visited Duke Hospital where they were proud to announce after her latest mammogram that she "shows no evidence of cancer."  She declared it the best day ever... and so do we.

Week 54

Week 54- the final canvas

This project started out as my way to support Jeanine through her journey with cancer, but I ended up being the one who is inspired.  A year has passed, but Jeanine is not finished with her journey.  She is determined to help other families beginning their own journeys through this devastating disease.  Please click here to support Jeanine on her journey.  Below is a summary of Jeanine's year in pictures, created by her big sister, Kristie.  Enjoy.

"When your heart speaks, take good notes." 
- Judith Campbell

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  1. that's great- i love ur words to live by! :)



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