Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Every Day Month - Fifth Entry

Here is my fifth entry into the Art Every Day Month Challenge:

Nov. 5 - Before


Nov. 5 - After


I submitted this one just under the wire.  I tend to wait to do my submission for AEDM after Izzy has gone to sleep for the night.  However, tonight, our routine took a bit longer to accomplish.  There was a lot of mommy putting baby into the crib, baby crying, mommy rocking baby back to sleep, and mommy trying to put baby back down again.  Finally, I just had to let her cry it out (it felt like eternity but in reality only lasted two minutes).  I almost allowed the promise of sleep to persuade me to push the submission off until tomorrow, but Jason helped me find my motivation to finish it tonight.  I hope you enjoy the mole digging his way into your hearts!

Nov. 5 - BeforeNov. 5 - After

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