Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Every Day Month - Seventh Entry

Here is my seventh entry for the Art Every Day Month Challenge:

Nov. 7 - Before


Nov. 7 - After


Some of you might recognize this scribble... It's Jason's signature.  He kind of broke the rules with this one (the rule being that he shouldn't think about what he's going to scribble -- just do it).  I'll let it slide this time, I guess.  With this scribble, my mind drifted back to my time in Okinawa, and I was inspired by the loops in Jason's name to create yukata sleeves.  I attended so many festivals and parties in my own yukata.  It's one of the prettiest things I own next to my wedding dress.  And, just like the wedding dress, I feel like a princess wearing it.

Nov. 7 - BeforeNov. 7 - After


  1. I saw you delivering a yak sudo to the crescent moon. Then I read the description. Jason not withstanding, I'm sticking with the original thought.

  2. And of course, the word verification was "snite," which is close enough to "smite" that I'll retain my initial takeaway.

  3. Haha. Is that like a karate chop? Funny how that darn subconscious works!



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